March Workshops (Overview)

All workshops will be taking place in the Meeting Room  at Nottingham Contemporary from 5 – 7pm on the first four Thursdays in March. More infomation is available at the website, though these sessions are now fully booked. However, I’ll be in the Study from 3 – 5pm (ahead of the workshops) on all the dates below, if anyone wants to stop by and discuss the residency, the exhibitions, the contents of this website or anything else that comes to mind – would be lovely to meet people there!

March 3: Image. We’ll look at examples of texts as a kind of revealing snapshot and the use of vivid visual detail to bring our ideas into three dimensions. The exercise will be mainly (but not exclusively) in response to works in the Anne Collier section of the exhibition.

March 10: Sound. In this session, we’ll look at how the rendition of sound in written works enhances atmospheres and creates moods: from describing the textures of voices and music in words to rendering natural sounds in the underlying rhythms of prose and poetry. Jack Goldstein‘s records and films will be our key reference.

March 17: Stillness and Motion. We’ll look at examples of written works that embody movement, and contrast the effects of these with others in which the world seems frozen: a writing exercise will draw on the contrasts between Collier’s very still images and the restless nature of Goldstein’s as both might be used in our own work.

March 24: Technology. In this session, we’ll look at the ways that once-advanced or hardly noticed technology comes to evoke the past rather than the present and future. In our writing exercise, we’ll use the various mediums in the exhibitions (photographs, 16mm film, vinyl records) as doorways into our own experiences.


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