The Thread at Bilborough Library

On the morning of March 22 myself and Saima Kaur went out to Bilborough Library to present copies of a booklet featuring images from the workshops and the text written out of notes, artworks and conversations gathered during the four sessions in February to the staff and participants. A panel was installed in the library to display pictures and pages from the booklet and then I gave a short reading presenting some of the texts, and talked a little about how they were developed from the work we’d done together. It all seemed to be well received, and the booklets especially – beautifully produced by the gallery in a very limited quantity – were especially appreciated as a record of what we’d achieved betwen us during our four workshops in February (more detailed accounts of those sessions, from weeks one and two to three and four, are elsewhere on this blog). I understand that the group will be doing further work with the gallery in the autumn, and in the meantime the booklets and display will remain in Bilborough library for general viewing, and copies of The Thread will also be made available for reference in The Study at Nottingham Contemporary.





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