A Swim Against The Tide

On Thursday Jean Fisher gave a lecture on Jack Goldstein’s work in The Space under the title A Swim Against The Tide – a reference to his own 7″ record featuring the sound of a swimmer trying to push against the current of an ocean. It proved an apt heading, partly because during Morgan Fisher’s … Continue reading

Trade Gallery

On Saturday lunchtime I stopped by at the freshly relaunched Trade Gallery to have a look at the first installation in the new downstairs location (formerly, the gallery occupied a tiny white room up a couple of flights of stairs: it’s now larger, much easier to find and a bit smarter than it was, but the ethos of small … Continue reading

Translation as Appropriation?

Artist Henrietta Simson presented a talk yesterday evening on the subject of appropriation in her own work, a theme highly relevant to both Jack Goldstein and Anne Collier, who often create new works from re-photographing, manipulating and referencing existing material. Collier’s Woman With A Camera consists of frames from the 1978 film Eyes of Laura Mars, … Continue reading