Lost City

The memory of a city and the ghosts of businesses contained in a gallery of images from several publications, one from the early 60s, This is Your Nottingham by Guy Denison, the rest from various issues of Nottingham Topic and Nottingham Observer published between 1967 and 1968. Another 16 or so were culled from a 1957 Theatre Royal programme (the cover is included) and a 1978 issue of Nottingham Life. They were all found (at different times) in the cellar of a secondhand shop on Mansfield Road. I’m not sure how these adverts – mapping themselves into the fabric of a version of the city that no longer exists – might fit into the broader writing project I’m pursuing within this residency, but they’re fascinating in themselves, and certainly both appropriated and evocative. Perhaps they can be browsed for now as a kind of elegy in their own right…and may develop into something else at a later stage.


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