“I remember the Beat guys in the Fifties, always trying to live in the moment. Sometimes it’s good to live in the moment, when the moment’s being good to you and staying with it means you get to keep going. But other times the past’s worth hanging onto, a bigger picture, a sense of having been there, come through the bad, hung onto the good things like someone getting hold of driftwood in an open ocean when there’s only horizon on all sides and the sharks are circling. Times like that, it’s good to escape the moment and think about what’s behind and ahead of you – but only look back until you’ve reached dry land, counted your limbs, and got moving again…”

Cy Albertine: On The Record (1993)

“I’m interested in all the strange stuff that circulates in our heads now: histories where fact bleeds into fiction, advertising and propaganda, stories that pretend they’re showing the world as it is, or could be, if we’d just work harder and do as we’re told. To be effective, that kind of material needs to tap into something truthful about what we do really want, subconsciously, but I’m not sure anyone can predict exactly how releasing those authentic desires along with the fabricated ones will play out. What if we bought into the promises they’re making more deeply than they’d like, acted as if they were true and turned the whole thing inside out without even knowing we were doing it?”

Robert Holcombe: Unpublished letter to Eduardo Paolozzi (1968)


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